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Building Manager’s Guide to Selecting the Best Commercial Air Purifier

After Covid-19 and an increasingly more severe forest fire season, the general public has a growing consciousness about air quality and the impact it has on health. As a building owner or manager you wear many hats, and now [...]

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What Are Carbon Credits? The Crypto of Climate Change

If you plan to attend any energy or climate conferences this year, you’ll hear a lot of buzz about carbon credits—some good, some bad. If you listen closely, you’ll understand that most people talking about carbon credits have more [...]

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Equity vs. Climate Action—The Question at the Center of NYC’s LL 97 ‘Good Faith Efforts’ Debate

On October 24, 2023, the New York City Department of Buildings (DOB) held a virtual, public hearing to discuss proposed amendments to the non-compliance rules associated with Local Law 97. There’s a growing debate about the impacts of these [...]

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