Introducing the


Breathe easy and save money from day one.

Healthy and efficient

Most building energy optimization solutions fail to tackle air purification, and indoor air solutions affect building owners’ budget.

We make it possible to do it all: lower your carbon footprint, decrease energy costs, and improve indoor air quality.

Recycle clean air

Our technology purifies return air from the HVAC system, making it possible to reintroduce clean air to the building.

Outside air typically takes large amounts of energy to heat or cool. With our solution you could save up to 40% of your HVAC energy usage, and have measurably cleaner air indoors.

HVAC retrofit solution

The Carbon Capsule® is designed to retrofit existing HVAC systems, which enables most buildings to implement the solution.

Carbon Reform takes the harmful CO2 out of your building and turns it into a useful material, and we’ll handle all maintenance including changing filters and refreshing the minerals onsite. We’ll work with you to determine the best schedule to fit your needs.

Accepting Preorders

In the spirit of designing solutions that fill the needs of our customers, we are opening a preorder waitlist for building owners and managers interested in our two solutions: the Capsule® and the Canister®. Both solutions capture CO₂, VOCs, particulates, and pathogens.

The Carbon Capsule

The Carbon Capsule® is a ducted attachment to the HVAC return which services up to 15,000 sq ft of occupied space and can save energy from heating and cooling. Its footprint is 4×5 ft.

The Carbon Canister

The Carbon Canister® is a smaller unit that does not connect to the return ventilation air. This standalone in-room unit effectively services 5,000 sq ft of space. Its footprint is 1×3 ft.

Join our preorder waitlist

If you are a forward thinking building owner and want to contribute to democratizing clean air and carbon capture, join our waitlist!