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Breathe easy and save money from day one.

Get happy tenants with a healthy bottom line

The Carbon Capsule® is a ducted attachment for existing HVAC returns that services up to 20,000 sq ft of space.

It permanently captures CO2, and removes volatile organic compounds (VOCs), pathogens, and particulates from the air, and then stores the CO2 in a carbon-negative limestone cartridge, which we will collect for downstream use.


Saves up to 40% on HVAC Costs

Payback Period 2 years from installation


• Bio-based sorbent that captures and permanently stores CO2
• Reduces energy usage from heating and cooling
• Virtual dashboard monitors air quality in real time
• Monthly maintenance provided
• Retrofits existing HVAC


 • Clean indoor air
 • Energy bill savings
 • Lowered carbon footprint
 • Overall health and productivity increase

Accepting Preorders

In the spirit of designing solutions that fill the needs of our customers, we are opening a preorder waitlist for building owners and managers interested in our two solutions: the Capsule® and the Canister®. Both solutions capture CO₂, VOCs, particulates, and pathogens.

Join our preorder waitlist

If you are a forward thinking building owner and want to contribute to democratizing clean air and carbon capture, join our waitlist!