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Net Zero. Net Profit.

40% of all carbon emissions come from buildings.

You can reach your energy goals without replacing your existing HVAC.

Here’s how

No-rip energy approach

Our Carbon Capsule® helps facility managers prolong the life of existing equipment and save building energy, with a simple retrofit. We install, maintain, and monitor the capsules; you start saving from day one.

Accessible clean air

Poor air quality in buildings is linked to decreased cognitive performance and sick building syndrome. Our process and technology purifies your building of unhealthy particulate matter, pathogens and volatile organic compounds, prioritizing occupants’ health while using less energy.

Permanent carbon capture

Our cutting edge carbon capture technology helps building owners and corporations reduce their carbon footprint, in alignment with their climate strategy. We store the CO2 in a carbon-negative limestone, making it possible for your building to qualify for valuable carbon credits.

Our partners in innovation

Work with us

We make improving your indoor air quality is simple.
We’ll finance, install, monitor & maintain our Carbon Capsules through our three-step process.


We assess your indoor environmental quality and building layout to create a custom implementation plan with projected benefits.

Install & Integrate

We retrofit your current HVAC system with our Capsule and integrate into your Building Automation System (BAS) for you to monitor your IAQ, energy savings and carbon footprint.


We take care of the maintenance, including filter swaps and other logistics, while sharing the revenue generated from selling carbon credits generated by your Capsule.

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